Hasria means exclusive in Arabic and that’s exactly what hasria.com aims to provide- exclusive products for discerning customers.

hasria.com is all about supplying genuine quality products sourced from Europe, United Kingdom, USA and the GCC. Although some products may have been made in China or the Far East, we don’t ship directly from this area due to the high number of non-genuine products being supplied. All of our products are 100% genuine and guaranteed original. Most of our fragrance, beauty and cosmetics products come from UK and Europe. Designer items such as bags and accessories come from Italy, UK and USA.

We mark each product listed on the site with a flag from the country where it will be shipped, so that you know exactly where it will come from.

Our aim is to ensure that when you purchase from hasria.com, you know that you are buying the best and most exclusive, genuine items.

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